We are currently in the process of updating our website.  I am working hard on getting all the pedigrees and pictures updated.  Thank you for your patience! ~Jenni 



My name is J.D. Gibson and  my wife is Jenni and God has blessed us with two wonderful children,  Marlee and Sawyer.  We are located in Ponca City, OK.  We work very hard and love raising our children on  the farm.  We started raising Kiko goats in 2015 and it has been a  blessing to us. 


Our  main focus here at Hubbard Hill Kiko, behind God and our family, is  to raise some of the best breed stock Kiko Goats.  We chose to go with Kiko  goats due to their parenting ability, parasite resistance, and low maintenance. We have started our herd with some of the best goats in the country.  We are  looking forward to growing our herd and producing some great Kiko goats.    As we go into a new year as 'goat farmers', our first  goal is to glorify God in all we do.  Next, may we enjoy our farm and  work toward producing goats that live up to the "Kiko" name. 

We  are members of the NKR and AKGA.  All our breed stock are registered  with the NKR.  

We have bucks and does that are dual registered. 

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National Kiko Registry Video

Check out this great video to learn more about kiko goats and the National Kiko Registry.